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Underwear has an ABSOLUTELY INSANE effect on how one feels about one's own body, how clothes fit and especially how one carries oneself!

I had to live into my thirties before I realized that it really matters from which store or what kind of underwear you put on in the morning. That feeling when you're not quite the same size (or even more) in bras that are too small and tight. Or in those very tight and a little unnecessarily low underpants.

Disclosure: I also have home underwear, aka granny underwear, in my drawer. Some may think they are mood killers, but oh when they are sometimes nice to use! However, I can say from experience that the grannies don't feel very good in the long run, as they don't really support anything.

But hear this! I got the first pair of panties made for women by the other danish guy™ as a gift from Santa Claus.

I'm not going to lie, I've never worn anything that feels this good!!

It was an incredible feeling to realize that high-quality, well-fitting underpants don't really feel like you're wearing anything. And yet they support - just the right- places. And fits perfectly.

I have NEVER been the one to hang out in my underwear, even in my own home. Now I was hanging out. With something bubbling in the glass. Because I was just so in the Mood! From underwear. About myself. And my body. The grandmas will now be left unhelpfully in second place.

Enlightened by this experience, I want to tell you this: invest in good underwear that fits your body. Because their effect on your self-esteem is surprisingly large.

P.S. Originally, this was not a paid advertisement, but purely user experience promotion. But to my joy and pride, I can say that now one was born from it!

-Sanna Hakala

The author is a coach who helps people to be kinder to themselves and their bodies and offers meaningful lifestyle change coaching to those tired of diets.


Instagram: @mielipuuhissa

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